Fluid UI Teams up with SWBlacksburg


Fluid UI are offering an upgraded free account to all participants over the weekend. The Fluid team will be online over the weekend to offer support and feedback as necessary via twitter @fluidui_team or email. Fluid UI is also offering a lifetime expert level account to the winning team at the Blacksburg Startup Weekend.

If you are planning on incorporating a mobile strategy over the weekend Fluid UI is a design tool that will allow you to quickly see a working prototype on your phone. You can also easily share the idea both for testing and for use when pitching your final presentations. Try the product and you will see how fast and easy the tools aid you to integrate a mobile solution into your plans.

We fully understand how hectic the weekend will be for you so it would be beneficial to your productivity to try it in advance at www.fluidui.com/editor. Also when you set up your free account be sure and email support@fluidui.com to upgrade it in order to unlock all the additional features.

Founded in August 2010, in Jan 2011 Fluid UI began development of their first software product, a recently launched touch interface prototyping tool. An award-winning team of highly-skilled developers working happily across the web from Dublin and Berlin, quest to help people all over the world express their great ideas with powerful, usable and elegant tools. In doing this, Fluid UI aim to unlock the world’s creativity.