T-Shirt Design Winner


It is with great pleasure that we announce the winner of our T-Shirt Design contest…. Alaina Bartley!

Alaina is a web developer for Virginia Tech, and a freelance designer. As you can see from her winning T-Shirt design, she is incredibly talented. You can check out her other work on her website. The best part is that because she won, she is getting a ticket to Startup Weekend. That means some of our participants will get to work with her.

So why did we pick Alaina’s design? Well, aside from looking awesome, we felt it represented Blacksburg really well. The design is inspired by Blacksburg’s famous 16 blocks. Some of the blocks are filled in by the Startup Weekend beaker and minions, tying the whole thing together and making for a meaningful and compelling design. Well done Alaina. We can’t wait to see what you do during this year’s Startup Weekend!

If you want to build a startup in just one weekend with talented individuals like Alaina, buy your ticket today!